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The Agrovan were a species native to Agrovan Seven.

Biology Edit

The Agrovans were humanoid, with green skin and two spines on their chin. The Marat tended to have wider mouths, larger black eyes and thinner faces than the Strykes. The Agrovans were genetically similar enough to the Gallifreyans that any diseases could cross species. (COMIC: The Forgotten)

History Edit

There were two major groups on Agrovan Seven; the Strykes and the Marat. They had been at war for over fifteen hundred years, as both sides were evenly matched. Though the Time Lords wanted an end to the war, they still decreed the site an non-intervention site.

At some point, though, a Gallifreyan virus had been given to the Strykes. This tipped the balance of power and allowed the Strykes to gain an advantage. The Seventh Doctor and Ace were able to sneak in and smuggle a Gallifreyan restorative to the Marat, allowing the Marat to develop an antidote. (COMIC: The Forgotten)