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An air raid warden was a civilian official in Britain during World War II. One of a warden's chief duties was to ensure that the citizenry were observing blackout procedures, so that German night time bombers would not be able to easily identify targets below them.

One such warden was stationed on the top of the building that housed the Cabinet War Rooms. He was particularly alarmed by the fact that London lit up just prior to a German air raid. Unbeknownst to him, the lights were turned on by Daleks orbiting the Earth. (TV: Victory of the Daleks)

Oscar Botcherby's father was an air raid warden in Shepton Mallet throughout World War II. Oscar claimed that he "slept in a steel helmet for five years". (TV: The Two Doctors)

Roderick Purton was an air raid warden in St Anton's Point in London during the war. (AUDIO: The Concrete Cage)

Alfie Wilkinson was an air raid warden. He led the efforts to rescue Sarah Miller when she was trapped in the wreckage of her home. (PROSE: Tell Me You Love Me)