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Alan Fitzgerald was a history student who worked at the Gogglebox in the Moon in the far future. He was obsessed with Agatha Christie and completing the records on the Doctor.

Upon meeting the Fifth Doctor, he was greatly concerned by the fact that he was travelling alone, as the Gogglebox's records indicated that the Doctor never travelled on his own during his fifth incarnation. The Doctor told him that he had recently dropped off his companions Peri Brown and Erimem in Monte Carlo in 1966. Although he was very excited to meet the Doctor, he was somewhat disappointed that it was not the Seventh Doctor who visited the Gogglebox as he believed that he knew everything. (AUDIO: The Gathering)

In later years, numerous clones of Alan would run the Gogglebox. On a subsequent visit, the Sixth Doctor and Peri met Alan-56. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

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