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The Alaska was a spaceship that crashed into the Dalek Asylum and launched several escape pods to the planet's surface.

There were at least two survivors. One of them was named Harvey, who died soon after on the frigid surface and was reanimated by the nanocloud field, becoming a Dalek puppet along with the other crew members who died on impact. Harvey's body was preserved by the cold, along with his mind, but the crew inside the Alaska degenerated to purely skeletal remains. The other survivor was Oswin Oswald, Junior Entertainment Manager, who was able to use a ladder and descend below the surface of the planet, but was later captured and fully converted into a Dalek.

She managed to retain her human consciousness within a delusion of life however, believing she had set up camp in the cockpit of the Alaska. (TV: Asylum of the Daleks)

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • A telex by Intergalactic Mining Company reported that the starship Alaska was approaching a planet for a mineral survey, bumped into a force barrier, and disintegrated on contact. However, at least one escape pod was launched before the ship's destruction. (REF: The Doctor: His Lives and Times)

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