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Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart
The Brig Inferno
Species: Human
Place of origin: Parallel universe Earth
Mother: Mary Gore
Father: Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
Brother: James Lethbridge-Stewart
First seen in: Inferno
Other appearances: PROSE: The Schizoid Earth
Main actor: Nicholas Courtney
Memorable moment
Falling into a parallel universe - Doctor Who - BBC classic sci-fi03:43

Falling into a parallel universe - Doctor Who - BBC classic sci-fi

Another memorable moment
Death by fire extinguisher - Doctor Who - Inferno - BBC03:51

Death by fire extinguisher - Doctor Who - Inferno - BBC

Brigade Leader Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart was a high ranking member of the Republican Security Forces in a parallel universe. He was in charge of security at the Eastchester Scientific Labour Camp.

He was born on an Earth that existed in between the parallel universe and the normal universe. He was saved from that world by Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and Major James Lethbridge-Stewart. His travel across realities cost him his left eye, and he was brought to the attention of Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, the Director of External Security, who had lost his son, Alistair, some eighteen years earlier. (PROSE: The Schizoid Earth)

He arrived on James' world in 1959, still only 15 years old, having travelled from his native universe in 1945. It is uncertain how he managed to rise through the ranks of the army to become the equivalent of Brigadier by the 1970s.

Unlike his counterpart, the Brigade Leader was clean-shaven. He captured and interrogated the Third Doctor, who had just arrived from his own universe. At first he seemingly had trouble believing the Doctor's story of having come from another dimension.

It eventually became clear that the Doctor had been telling the truth and the penetration of his Earth's crust would devastate the planet beyond recovery. He threatened to shoot the Doctor unless the Time Lord rescued him, Section Leader Shaw and Petra Williams, but instead the Section Leader shot him dead to save the other Earth. (TV: Inferno)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Nicholas Courtney, of course, played the part without the Brigadier's trademark (false) moustache.
  • Dialogue in Inferno only refers to the Brigade Leader by his title and last name, but not by his first name.
  • In the novelisation, the Brigade Leader confirmed that he was called Brigade Leader Lethbridge-Stewart.

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