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Aleph-777 (also spelt Aleph 777) was a planet in the Deneb Sector known for its tranquility and idyllic peace. It was inhabited by humans who were known to be the most peaceful in the galaxy. It was home to the ultimate armament, which the planet's inhabitants sought to protect and sacrifice, relying on it as a last resort of survival against threat. It also contained the ruins of a site of great archaeological significance to both the FHD and the Sontarans. (COMIC: Conflict of Interests)

History Edit

The Sontaran Katsu arrived on the planet on a quest to find the ultimate armament for his own use. He attacked the people at a village to acquire it, but they wouldn't let him have it. Eventually he left when he was told they didn't have it anymore and saw a ship leaving which supposedly had it. He went in pursuit of it. (COMIC: The Final Quest)

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