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Alexander "Lex" Christian was a human astronaut and Space Defence Division officer who travelled to Mars as a member of the United Kingdom's 1970s Mars missions. He was framed for killing his fellow astronauts on Mars; they were in fact killed by Native Martians. He was at some point under the command of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

In 1997 while being transported by helicopter, it crashed. He escaped, coming across Smithwood Manor. After stealing money and supplies, he located Lethbridge-Stewart and explained to him what really had happened on Mars and the likelihood of a Martian invasion of the United Kingdom.

Alexander knew Jo Grant when she was studying her A levels. (PROSE: The Dying Days)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Lex Christian was the original name for the astronaut Dan Dare during the comic's development. The first strip was set in the then-futuristic setting of the late 1990s.

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