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Alexhendri Lassiter was the husband of Hellenica Monroe. The marriage did not last and the separation was bitter. He became the lover of Ladygay Matisse. They had a son, Garrett Byson, but she did not tell Lassiter about him. He did not meet the boy until he was nine.

Lassiter developed a time machine and used it to fulfil the Lazarus Intent. Lazarus turned out to be Maximillian Arrestis, a criminal kingpin who created the Intent so he would eventually be rescued from death.

The Crystal Bucephalus was the result of further experiments by Lassiter and Matisse. When he found out Matisse was working with Arrestis, he split with her. Later, when Arrestis was returned to the point he was taken, Lassiter and Monroe reconciled, and he finally met his son. (PROSE: The Crystal Bucephalus)

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