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Alexsandr Karadjic was a London resident who opposed the policies of Sherilyn Harper and her New Britannia Party in 2002. Inspired by Stephen Keyser and Walter Jacobs' attempts on Harper's life, he got some friends together and, with funding from the NBP itself, formed the United Front to commit several terrorist acts to frighten people away from the party. The Seventh Doctor and Ace had Walter contact them in an attempt to stop the violence, but instead Walter joined them and Karadjic shot Ace when she tried to interfere. The Fearmonger fed on the fear generated by the Front's activities, which eventually led to riots breaking out in the city. Mick Thompson interviewed Karadjic and broadcast the meeting between Karadjic and Harper's aide Roderick Allingham which exposed the link between the Front and the NBP. Karadjic was arrested by the police. (AUDIO: The Fearmonger)