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Alien antibodies

Starkey's blood plasma produced alien antibodies. (TV: Oroborus)

Alien immunologists were scientists who studied the immune systems of aliens. They experimented with alien antibodies and tried to use them for the human immune system. They wanted the humans to have an immune response to alien diseases and that the blood plasma would build alien antibodies.

According to Alistair Gryffen, until 2050, only two humans have ever experimented with alien antibodies on the human immune system, Charles and Marie Sobol. They experimented on themselves and on their child, a boy. They disappeared years before 2050, surrounded by accusation and rumour.

Alistair Gryffen said that their work on alien immunology was radical but genius.

Gryffen thought that they were Starkey's parents. Starkey's blood plasma built alien antibodies and he had an immune response to alien diseases. (TV: Oroborus)

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