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Aliona was a princess of the Royal House of Gadarel in the Drashani Empire. To end a civil war, an arranged marriage between her and Prince Kylo of the rival Royal House of Sorsha was organised. On the way to the wedding, her ship crashed on Sharnax. Kylo mounted an expedition to rescue her.

However, he found out she had agreed to the marriage only to obtain Sorshan DNA. Her people could then use their giant Pulse Gun to wipe out the Sorshans. The plan failed and she was killed. (AUDIO: The Burning Prince)

Kylo would later clone her, from her wedding jewellery. By the time the Seventh Doctor met her she was the 54th clone. She was supposedly killed by the Wrath, but the Doctor rescued her and asked her to complete some missions for her, under the name Jandor. (AUDIO: The Shadow Heart)

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