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The All of Us were a species of insectoid aliens with thick carapaces. Their name (All of Us) was simply a rough translation of their own name for themselves.

All of Us had a basic principle of "quantity over quality". They would breed in large numbers, based on the proposition that at least one would survive. Likewise, they set out massive fleets of spaceships instead of one powerful ship. All of Us had a hive mind.

At some point before 2594, All of Us got into a war with the People. This was a lopsided war, since the People were much more advanced than All of Us. Still, All of Us was able to spread out their forces to make them harder to find. By 2594, the People had won the war and the All of Us were assimilated. (PROSE: Walking to Babylon)

During the war, fifteen planets, three planetary rings and fifteen asteroid habitats were destroyed (PROSE: The Also People) and twenty-six billion individuals died. (PROSE: Walking to Babylon)