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Allons-y, according to the Tenth Doctor, was French for "Let's go". (TV: Midnight) It was one of the Tenth Doctor's favourite sayings; he especially wanted to say, "Allons-y, Alonso", (TV: Army of Ghosts) which he eventually said to Alonso Frame. (TV: Voyage of the Damned) The Twelfth Doctor once claimed that he was able to say it due to his precise control over the TARDIS Translation circuits. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

It saved his life on Midnight by proving that the being possessing Sky Silvestry had stolen his words. (TV: Midnight)

The Tenth Doctor yelled the phrase as he, along with twelve other incarnations, combined the power of their TARDISes to use a stasis cube to freeze Gallifrey in a pocket universe. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

The last time the Doctor used the phrase, he described it to Addams as a word of consolation to the soul in times of need. (TV: The End of Time)

Mr Clever once used it when mimicking the Tenth Doctor through the Eleventh Doctor's body. (TV: Nightmare in Silver)


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    • I believe it was Army of Ghosts, at least as far as TV appearances go, but someone will have to check me on that.
    • Yep, that's right. He even says, "I should say that more often, allons-y." The Tenth Doctor's definitely just discovering the phrase.

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