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Alzheimer's disease was a disease that would make people senile, and thus affected memory. It was quite common for victims to remember snippets from their childhoods or lives. (TV: Out of Time) One sufferer, Bea Nelson-Stanley, could rarely remember her own name, and forgot Luke Smith in the middle of a conversation with him. (TV: Eye of the Gorgon)

Ace asked the Seventh Doctor if Time Lords could suffer from Alzheimer's. He told her that they got much worse diseases. (PROSE: Relative Dementias)

Cases Edit

Bea Nelson-Stanley was an Alzheimer's sufferer. (TV: Eye of the Gorgon)

Alan Ellis began to suffer from the disease prior to 2007. (TV: Out of Time)

Doctors believed that Katie Russell had Alzheimer's. She in fact had a alien parasitic tumour. (TV: Fragments)

Henrietta Goodheart suffered from Alzheimer's but still remained lively. (PROSE: Beautiful Chaos)

In 2016, Sir Andrew Gobernar's sister had advanced Alzheimer's. (AUDIO: Vampire of the Mind)

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