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Amber Hooper, formerly Amber Reynolds, was born in 1993. She had long golden hair.

As a child, she was physically abused by her father and her mother did not stop the abuse. Her only consolation was her dog, Max. In 2012 a stranger came to her home and offered her father a large sum of money for Max. After he was sold, Amber ran away to London in the hope of making enough money to buy Max back. She was set to assist Sammy Star in his magic act, but before she could, Amy Pond tied her up with a scarf and a hankie gag in the women's loo. She escaped from the loo and briefly passed her future self on stage, but her arrival distracted everyone's attention from the Weeping Angel, giving it enough time to send Amber back to 8 May 1945, where she walked around in a daze until someone found her. She met Kylie Duncan because they were both in a similar mental state and it was assumed that they had been victims of a late bombing. They were invited to join in a victory party at Trafalgar Square, where Amber danced with a soldier named Albert Hooper. Amber married Albert and had daughters with him.

As an elderly woman in 2012, she lived in a retirement home called the Golden Years Home for the Elderly. Along with Kylie Collins and Miss Leake, she attended one of Sammy Star's shows where she met Amy and the Doctor again for the second time. Amber was also responsible for throwing an apple at Sammy Star so that the Weeping Angel would send him back in time and was later reunited with Max thanks to the Doctor. (PROSE: Magic of the Angels)