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Amble the Ugly Doll was a Scorchie. She was one of the main presenters of The Scorchies Show. She was responsible for some of the guest star challenges.

In one episode, she made a soufflé with Delia Smith.

When Jo Grant infiltrated the Scorchie's TV studio, the Third Doctor infiltrated Amble's telepathic relay and rewired her personality circuits. When Amble gave Jo the challenge of making "a thing". Said thing was an anti-Scorchie gun made of cardboard tubes, sticky-backed plastic, a pipe cleaner, and a mind crystal from Trantis 1. When Amble's treachery was revealed, Cool Cat killed her with his ray gun. (AUDIO: The Scorchies)

Behind the Scenes Edit

According to James Goss' in-universe writer's notes, Amble's Wikipedia page was often hacked and altered.