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The Aminopius were a race of humanoids.

Biology Edit

Aminopius were humanoids. They had poor eyesight so were easily confused, there were how ever good hunters. (NOTVALID: Untitled (Tonight's the Night))

Technology Edit

Aminopius used robotic limbs as weapons, that could paralyse their victim. These weapons could scan victims in order to see the value of their body parts, and could also double as disintegrators. They had factories that processed victims into food, these factories had replaced the forests that once stood on Aminopia. (NOTVALID: Untitled (Tonight's the Night))

History Edit

Aminopius apparently were once the most stylish beings in the cosmos, but soon began to hunt for profit, not food. They captured victims and took them to factories that process them into food. (NOTVALID: Untitled (Tonight's the Night))

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