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An amphitheatre was a type of outdoor theatre. It was particularly favoured by the Romans as a place of gladiatorial combat.

Ian Chesterton was once forced to fight another gladiator for the amusement of Caesar Nero in a 1st century amphitheatre. Chesterton only narrowly escaped having to fight a lion there. (TV: The Romans) In the 2nd century, the Tenth Doctor actually did have to face a lion — as well as a tiger and a bear — in the Flavian Amphitheatre. (PROSE: The Stone Rose)

The ancient Greeks used amphitheatres for performing plays. According to the Fourth Doctor, the Greeks would put on plays to mark a festival. There would be three plays in one day; the last was usually a comedy. When the Doctor and Leela visited Athens, they saw a comedy by Aristophanes in the amphitheatre. (PROSE: The Brain of Socrates)

The Sensorites imprisoned the First Doctor in an amphitheatre on their world. (PROSE: The Monsters from Earth)

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