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Amputation (comic story)

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The Forgotten
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Featuring: First Doctor
Main enemy:
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Editor: Chris Ryall, Tom Waltz
Writer: Tony Lee
Artist: Charlie Kirchoff, Nick Roche
Penciller: Pia Guerra
Inker: Kent Archer, Shaynne Corbett
Colourist: Charlie Kirchoff
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who: The Forgotten 1
Release date: August 2008
Format: Comic Book
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none Renewal

Amputation was the first issue of The Forgotten comic series.

Plot Edit

The Tenth Doctor wakes in a strange room, without the TARDIS or the sonic screwdriver, with only Martha Jones for company. Together they explore the building, soon learning that it is a museum dedicated to the Doctor.

The displays consist of various items, such as a Dalek gun, the Seal of Rassilon and a Voord helmet. They enter a large room where the Doctor's clothes from his nine of his previous incarnations are found, along with items he used during each of the incarnation, including jelly babies, a walking stick, a recorder and psychic paper. The Doctor states that he'd be lost without his previous incarnations.

A strange man in a darkly lit room decides to test that theory. The Doctor suddenly becomes very weak. He realises he can't remember anything from before his encounter with the Sycorax on Christmas Day a couple of years ago.

Martha brings him his walking stick from his first incarnation and he tells her a story of his travels with Susan, Barbara and Ian, where he saved a pharaoh's life with that staff. He also tells her how and when he dropped Ian, Barbara, and Susan off. Martha asks if he thinks that Susan is dead and he replies in the affirmative, stating that, as far as he knows, he is the last. The Doctor mentions he left Susan on a future Earth with a freedom fighter she fell in love with. The strange man chuckles, saying "If only that were true." He reveals that he will force the Doctor to regenerate so he can steal the Doctor's remaining incarnations. The Doctor suddenly tells Martha that one of his hearts has stopped, and collapses into unconsciousness.

Characters Edit

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