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Anatomy of the Dalek
Type: instructional pamphlet
Place of origin: Daleks
Appearance: City of the Daleks

Anatomy of the Dalek was a small pamphlet printed on Skaro for the use of Daleks going through "re-education training". Jeff Stone picked up a copy while sneaking around the city's so-called "Anatomy Room". It carried valuable, "Dalek-eyes-only" information about Dalek anatomy, which Stone was able to transport back to his human colleagues on Earth. (COMIC: City of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes Edit

"Anatomy of a Dalek" Edit

The reader is meant to believe the fold-out cross-sectional poster - on what would otherwise have been pages 54 and 55 of The Dalek Book - is the pamphlet Jeff Stone finds in the final panel of pages 53. The only problem is that the poster is called Anatomy of a Dalek, and the comic calls it Anatomy of the Dalek. So is this out-of-universe poster meant to be the same thing as the in-user pamphlet? Well, yes. But it was possible to enjoy either thing without reference to the other. You could stick the poster up on your wall and never miss a thing within the comic. You could read the comic and completely skip over the poster.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about "Anatomy of a Dalek" is that it was the the first cross-sectional view of a Dalek that had ever been publicly released.

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