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Ander Poul

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Ander Poul
Main aliases: Paullus
Species: Human
Appearances: TV: The Robots of Death, PROSE: Corpse Marker, AUDIO: Hidden Persuaders, AUDIO: Taren Capel, AUDIO: Checkmate
Main actor: David Collings
Ander Poul was an undercover agent placed on the sandminer Storm Mine 4, along with D84, to investigate the threat of Taren Capel. When he went to look for Chub, he heard a scream and found Chub's body. He told the crew about the death of Chub.

Poul didn't think the Fourth Doctor and Leela murdered Chub. He released the Doctor and Leela and helped them investigate the murders. Poul eventually succumbed to Grimwade's Syndrome or "robophobia". He, Uvanov and Toos were the only surviving crew of the mine. (TV: The Robots of Death)

Behind the scenes Edit

Ander Poul's first name is given in the novel Corpse Marker. It is likely a play on the name of science fiction writer Poul Anderson.


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