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"Andrea Yates' World" is a title based upon conjecture.

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Andrea Yates' World was an alternate timeline created by the Trickster.

When the Trickster offered Andrea Yates the chance to live, she accepted and swapped places with Sarah Jane Smith. The timelines diverged on 13 July 1964, when Sarah Jane replaced Andrea, fell off a pier and drowned. Carla Morgan wrote the poem An Ode to Sarah Jane Smith for her friend. In the altered timeline, Andrea lived at 13 Bannerman Road, Ealing and had a successful career as a painter. (TV: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?) Furthermore Andrea Yates travelled a lot. She had already been to Kenya.(PROSE: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?)

Luke Smith did not exist in this reality, though Maria Jackson and her father Alan still lived at 36 Bannerman Road. Clyde Langer and Maria weren't friends. They only knew each other vaguely. Instead Clyde had a friend called Danny with whom he discussed the meteorite K67. (TV: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?)

Chrissie Jackson had dumped Ivan after Andrea saw him snogging Lorraine Groom outside the Conservative Club. Chrissie needed money so she started to work at a supermarket. Then she met Ricardo and dated him. Maria had already met him plenty of times. (PROSE: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?)

The alternate timeline was destroyed and negated when Andrea took back her acceptance of the Trickster's offer of Sarah Jane's death instead of hers. The universe was rewritten and Andrea was killed. The only people who could remember the timeline were Sarah Jane, Maria, Clyde, Alan and the Trickster. (TV: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?)

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