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Andrew Powell was a student at the Winterborne Public School. Along with the other two Winterborne students who were staying at the school over the holidays — Christian Purcell and Luke — Andrew witnessed some of the macabre murders and rituals taking place around the school grounds. The school's headmaster (and Christian's uncle) Gavin Purcell was arrested after he was discovered with the dead and mutilated body of Luke.

However, it was only after Andrew saw Christian murder the unfortunate teacher Barbara Taploe that he discovered the true culprit. Christian then kidnapped Andrew and attempted to ritually murder him in order to revive the spirit of the evil founder of the school, Isaac Greatorex. Interrupted by Liz Shaw and D.I. Burke, Christian had jumped off a fence and vanished into thin air, leaving Andrew to rebuild his life. (HOMEVID: The Devil of Winterborne)

Some months later, Andrew finally returned to Winterborne, but simultaneously, Christian's body reappeared and Gavin Purcell was released from prison due to lack of evidence. Mrs. Taploe's identical twin sister Margaret Wyndham had meanwhile become the new school head.

Almost immediately, Andrew began to be haunted by the ghost of Christian — in truth, the spirit of Greatorex — compelling him to resume the ritual murders and complete his resurrection. Andrew killed Max, one of his fellow-students, but vanished when interrupted by the returning Purcell. Using Purcell's knowledge of the evil rituals, he, Liz and Ms. Wyndham summoned the evil spirit and finally destroyed him, in the process killing Purcell but restoring Andrew, who had again to recover. (HOMEVID: Ghosts of Winterborne)