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Ankh was a Seer on the planet which coalesced around the P7E. Along with his companion, Lakh, he interrogated the captured Minyan, Herrick, and discovered the nature of the R1C crew's quest. At the Oracle's instruction, he and Lakh tricked Herrick by giving him bombs disguised as the Minyan race banks for which Herrick's crew had been searching. He was later killed when the bombs destroyed the planet.

In the hierarchy of the "P7E planet", Ankh was a highly-ranked individual who reported only to the Oracle. Beneath him were the guards, and beneath the guards were the "Trogs". (TV: Underworld)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The script of Underworld does not explain Ankh and Lakh in any great detail.
  • The script also does not indicate which Seer is which. Ankh and Lakh are thus indistinguishable on screen.

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