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Ann was the mother of a baby who would grow up to cause Earth's destruction. At the baby's christening, several incarnations of the Doctor stood in line to give the baby gifts. As Ann stood at the front of the room, several girls stood with her, talking to her. Though she never learned their names, they included Jo Grant, Susan Foreman, Peri Brown, Ace McShane, Charlotte Pollard and Tegan Jovanka. Each girl had been instructed by her Doctor to distract Ann while the Doctor tried to kill the baby to prevent his horrible future.

One by one the Doctors refused to kill the baby, and one by one each girl left Ann. At last, the Eighth Doctor approached the baby with a silver knife, acting suspiciously. Guards prevented him from killing the baby, and Ann, who had cared little for her baby up to this point, suddenly realised what she had almost lost. The Fourth Doctor informed Sarah Jane Smith that her affection for her baby could change the future. (PROSE: Categorical Imperative)

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