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Annalise was Clive Jones' girlfriend, after (she claimed) he seduced her.

There was a big row because Francine Jones did not want Annalise to appear at Leo Jones' 21st birthday party. She appeared to be on friendly terms with Martha, the only one of the Jones not to view her with open hostility (though Martha and Tish did plot behind her back). Annalise seemed to have Clive take her shopping a lot as she dressed in expensive clothes. In the end she did arrive with a "75p bar of soap" for a present. She had an argument with Francine Jones at the party when she said that Martha was hallucinating about the incident involving the Royal Hope Hospital travelling to the moon. Francine proceeded to call her "orange" and a "dumb blonde". She then walked off and openly declared she would never talk to Clive's family again, which seemed to please Francine. (TV: Smith and Jones)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Despite the implication that, like the rest of Martha Jones' family, Annalise would become a recurring character, TV: Smith and Jones was her only appearance, although she was mentioned in TV: 42 as "Dad's Girlfriend".