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Annarenes were thin, orange humanoids. Though nearly the height of humans, they were as thin as sticks and roughly as durable. To pass as humans, they needed such disguises as fleshsuits. They had an orange exoskeleton, small bumps around their head and body and strangely human eyes. Though they weren't harmed by it, Annarenes greatly disliked cold and wetness.

Although the Annarene Protectorate was originally a dangerous force in the Mutter's Spiral, they started forming more peaceful alliances. The Tulkan Empire took this for a sign of weakness and invaded. They were stopped and their leaders were all mind-wiped and left on Earth. Despite this, many Annarenes felt that the Protectorate had become weak and ineffective and tried to find ways to gain a strategic advantage. (PROSE: Relative Dementias)

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