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Anne Travers was the daughter of Margaret Travers and Professor Edward Travers, and the scientific advisor to the British Army's fight against the Great Intelligence and its Robot Yeti in the London Underground.

Anne was born on 28 October 1937, eighteen months after her brother, Alun Travers. Her mother died when she was a small child. She took after her mother's side of the family in appearance, but took after her father in personality. (PROSE: One Cold Step)

Professor Rachel Jensen was one of her lecturers at the University of Cambridge. Her classmates included Allison Williams and Ruth Ingram. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice)

Anne and her father helped the Second Doctor defeat the malevolent entity. (TV: The Web of Fear) But in an alternative timeline where the Doctor was shot by Colonel Pemberton, Anne's mind was subsumed by the Intelligence and her body used as its host. (PROSE: Legacies)

After the London Event, she was retained by the British Army and sequestered to a secret vault in Northumberland to help develop new defensive weapons based on the remains of the Great Intelligence's technologies. She devised two machines, one based on the device she developed with the Doctor previously, which interrupted the Great Intelligence's control of Yeti. Another device, labelled a "web destructor" by Major Douglas, was able to evaporate the Great Intelligence's web. Both devices were used in the Cornish village of Bledoe. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son)

She became highly suspicious of the Vault and its true agenda, and as acting as a spy inside it for General Oliver Hamilton. (PROSE: Beast of Fang Rock) After a Vault Citadel had been captured, she was taken out to work for the Home-Army Fifth Operation Corps and quickly grew frustrated that without a proper lab during the move to Dolerite Base, she had nothing to do for weeks. She went out to investigate BLIMEY with Samson Ware mainly out of boredom. (PROSE: Moon Blink, The Showstoppers)

Four years later, Anne and her father visited the United States for a year, letting out his home in London to Professor Watkins and his niece Isobel. (TV: The Invasion)

She succeeded Jensen as chief scientific advisor to the Cabinet in 1981, serving in that position for eighteen years.

On 31 December 1999, Dame Anne Travers OBE, believing that Ashley Chapel was planning to summon the Great Intelligence, attempted to stop him, accidentally causing London to transform into a mystical realm in which she was the "Hierophant Anastasia". She later sacrificed herself to restore London to normal. (PROSE: Millennial Rites)

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