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Antony Root (often wrongly called Anthony) was a script editor on the Doctor Who television programme in 1981. He worked with producer John Nathan-Turner and officially oversaw the script of Four to Doomsday by Terence Dudley and The Visitation and Earthshock by Eric Saward, who succeeded him as script editor. Root in fact did no work on Earthshock, but was credited as script editor to avoid Saward being credited as such on his own work, which would have contravened BBC regulations. He was also one of three script editors to work on Kinda, though he received no credit.

He had previously worked as an uncredited assistant floor manager on the final episode of Destiny of the Daleks.

Root wrote and produced the 1991 Derek Jarman film Edward II. Later, he worked for Granada Television's United States arm, serving as an executive producer of such projects as the 2004 USA Network re-make of their 1997 drama serial Touching Evil. In more recent years he has become an executive producer for HBO.

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