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Anwar Nazir was the owner of the Black Pyramid casino on Beta Osiris.

In 2541, as a young boy, Nazir stole a crystal scarab from archaeologist Edwin Carver. When Carver recovered the scarab, Nazir cursed him in the name of the Cult of the Black Pyramid.

Years later, Nazir offered to buy the scarab from Carver. Carver reneged on the deal, however, on learning that the scarab was dangerous, and Nazir sent men after him to kill him and retrieve the scarab. The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith found the scarab instead, so Nazir kidnapped the Doctor and threatened Sarah's life. The Doctor gave him the scarab.

At the Black Pyramid, Nazir tried to use the scarab, which was actually a micro-circuit key, to free Horus, but failed because the Doctor had damaged it. When Nazir used the key, the pyramid released a huge amount of psionic energy, killing Nazir. (PROSE: Scarab of Death)

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