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Apatosaurus v2
Also known as: Brontosaurus
Biological type: Dinosaur
Place of origin: Prehistoric Earth
Appearances: TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Apatosaurus, often incorrectly referred to as Brontosaurus, was a type of sauropod dinosaur on prehistoric Earth. They were big, bulky, vegetarians with incredibly long necks. A few Apatosaurs were briefly transported to 1970s-era London by Operation Golden Age. (TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs) This was mentioned by the Fourth Doctor following his regeneration. (TV: Robot)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • According to non-narrative material in DWBIT 7, the Apatosaurus was also native to the planet Raxas. Unlike most of the other dinosaur species on Raxas, they were rather non-violent.

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