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Aphrodite Diamante was a Magellan.

Among their species, it was a crime to have a child. When her parent gave birth to her, it was punished by being split. Each half was put in a different time zone on Earth. Aphrodite was given the planet Paraiso to live on, with a gate that could take her to different times. However, the time zones where her parent's halves were located were locked out of the settings. She also had an empathic mirror incorporated into her body by the Magellans.

She was able to get a diamond locket from Trix that the Dusha half had owned, which allowed her access to that time zone. After Dusha's spirit migrated into Angel Malenkaya's body in the 51st century, her parent was reunited, but as two individuals instead of one. She said goodbye to them and returned to Paraiso to live out the rest of her life. (PROSE: Emotional Chemistry)