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Arabic was an Earth language, the tongue of the Arabs. It was spoken in certain parts of North Africa, including Kebiria in the 1970s (PROSE: Dancing the Code) and Sudan in the 9th century. (AUDIO: The Destroyer of Delights) It was also used in some Asian countries like Syria. (PROSE: Night of the Humans)

The word sittuun, which came to designate a species of humanoids from the Battani-045 system, was Arabic for "sixty." (PROSE: Night of the Humans) The name of the star Aldebaran was derived from the Arabic phrase al-dabarān. (AUDIO: The Destroyer of Delights)

Around 730 AD, an early version of the Necronomicon — titled Al Azif — was written in Arabic by Abdul Alhazred of Damascus. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy) In the 23rd century, "Standard Arabic" was used on the human colony world of Ha'olam, along with Hebrew, Yiddish, and other languages. (PROSE: Seeing I)

Due to his diplomatic training, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart spoke Arabic fluently. (PROSE: Dancing the Code)

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