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Professor Archibald Angelchrist was a good friend of Iris Wildthyme. They frequently corresponded and shared adventures. (PROSE: Iris at the V&A)

In 1910, he helped the Eleventh Doctor defeat the Squall in London. (PROSE: Paradox Lost)

In 1911, Angelchrist helped Iris and Panda defeat the Piscotorians in hand-to-hand combat. (PROSE: Iris at the V&A)

In 1920, the Doctor, Amy and Rory returned with Arven, who had been given a new body, and left him to live with Angelchrist. (PROSE: Paradox Lost)

In the 1930s, Angelchrist received a letter from Iris concerning her encounter with Marlene Dietrich in 1977 Berlin. The letter was later included in The Collected Letters, 1918 - 1938. (PROSE: Low/Profile)

Behind the scenes Edit

Author George Mann, who created Angelchrist, has featured the character in several short stories published by Obverse Books, such as The Albino's Revenge in the 2012 Obverse collection Zenith Lives! which, in turn, was a series of stories featuring a villain from the long-running Sexton Blake novels and short stories. He also features in Mann's Newbury & Hobbes series of detective novels.