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Tom thought people roaming the streets in the 1970s looked like they were in Get Carter or Are You Being Served?. (PROSE: Verdigris)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Tenth Doctor quoted the opening lines to the show's theme song — "first floor perfumery" — as he exited the elevator at the top of the Empire State Building in TV: Evolution of the Daleks.

Trevor Bannister, Nicholas Smith, Wendy Richard and Kenneth Waller were all regulars in the series. Guest actors included Jimmy Mac, John D. Collins, Joanna Lumley, Norman Mitchell, James Copeland, Donald Morley, Eiji Kusuhara, Michael Attwell, John Ringham, Peter Greene, Ahmed Khalil, Ron Tarr, Jean Challis, Donald Hewlett, Donald Bisset, Ian Collier, Jennifer Lonsdale, Rex Robinson, Maureen Lane, Renu Setna, Martin Cochrane, Nicholas McArdle, Kristopher Kum, John Baker, Ken Barker and Imogen Bickford-Smith.

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