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Army of Death (audio story)

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Army of Death
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companion(s): Mary Shelley
Main enemy: Karnex
Main setting: Garrak and Stronghaven, Zelonia, Draxine
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Jason Arnopp
Director: Barnaby Edwards
Music: Fool Circle Productions
Sound: Fool Circle Productions
Cover by: Alex Mallinson
Release details
Release number: 155
Release date: December 2011
Format: 2 CDs, 4 parts
Production code: 8A/AC
ISBN 978-1-84435-603-4
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Army of Death was the third story in the 2011 Eighth Doctor audio trilogy.

Publishers summary Edit

The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Mary Shelley to the continent of Zelonia, on the frontier world Draxine — where, many moons ago, the twin citystates of Garrak and Stronghaven bore testament to mankind's colonial spirit.

That was before the sinister death cult of Garrak's President Harmon took hold — and Garrak annihilated itself, utterly, in an apocalyptic explosion. Before the bones of Garrak's dead came back to life, and its skeletal citizens began marching, marching, marching on Stronghaven itself.

But what do they want, this army of death? And can anything stop them? In search of answers, the Doctor and Mary must journey into the dead heart of a dead city to face a terrifying adversary, whose ambitions transcend the stuff of life itself.

Plot Edit

to be added

Cast Edit

References Edit

  • Mary describes Percy Shelley as her soulmate.
  • The inhabitants of Draxine are tenth-generation descendants of the original settlers from Earth.
  • The Doctor once took Mary to Mayhem.

Notes Edit

  • Subscribers to Big Finish received the audio story The Five Companions as a free release if this story was part of their subscription, alongside a reading of Lant Land, originally printed in the collection Short Trips: Life Science.
  • An after-credits scene at the end of episode 4 has Mary Shelley writing a final entry on her old journal stating she has instructed the Doctor to return her to her own time, to a place where she — for better or worse — belongs.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 7 and 8 April 2011.
  • To date, this is the last Eighth Doctor audio drama in the main range.

Production error Edit

  • When Hover-Sentries list search results on "President Harmon", they erroneously call Valek Harmon the president of Stronghaven. He was the president of Garrak.

Continuity Edit

External links Edit

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