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Arnold (The Web of Fear)

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Staff Sergeant Arnold
Species: Human
Affiliated with: Royal Engineers Corp, 21 Regiment
Place of origin: Earth
First seen in: The Web of Fear
Appearances: PROSE: The Forgotten Son
Main actor: Jack Woolgar

Staff Sergeant George Albert Arnold was a senior NCO in the Royal Engineers Corp, 21 Regiment. He took part in the fight against the Great Intelligence and its robot Yeti in the London Underground. He was the unwitting puppet of the Intelligence and responsible for the death of several soldiers. He was killed when the Intelligence was defeated, his body badly burned and charred. (TV: The Web of Fear)

Like many other dead soldiers (including Colonel Pemberton), he was, for a time, interred at the mortuary of St Mark's hospital in Kenton during the clear up following the London Event. He tended to think of himself by his middle name of Albert, for reasons undisclosed. As a child he was sometimes forced to steal food due to lack of money. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son)

Behind the scenes Edit

Staff Sergeant Arnold's full name is revealed in the novelisation of the video Downtime.

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