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Reverend Arnold Golightly (born Arnold Eddison) was the vicar of a small English village until his death in 1926. He was a hybrid son of a human parent and Vespiform parent, discovering he had the ability to change from a humanoid appearance into a wasp-like alien when his temper flared.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born in 1886, Golightly was given to a church-run orphanage not long after his birth, and was raised there. As an adult, he found a post as the vicar of a sleepy English village near Eddison Manor. Some time after his fortieth birthday, in 1926, his church suffered a break in, during which he discovered that he was only half-human.

He was, in fact, half-human, half-Vespiform and the illegitimate son of Lady Clemency Eddison and a Vespiform calling itself Christopher. The Vespiform side of his genetic make-up, dormant until then, asserted itself and its psychic bond to the Firestone. The nascent Vespiform used the Firestone to access the mind of Clemency Eddison, and since she was reading a book by Agatha Christie at the time, its personality moulded itself along the lines of an Agatha Christie plot.

At Eddison Manor Edit


Golightly attacks Donna. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

On 8 December 1926, Golightly went to Eddison Manor, where he was born. There he murdered Professor Gerald Peach when he found out Golightly's parentage.

Later he killed Miss Chandrakala and Roger Curbishley. The Tenth Doctor and Agatha Christie deduced his part in the murders and expose his true nature. He transformed in front of the guests and chased after Agatha in a rage.

Arnold was killed, in his Vespiform state, by Donna Noble, who tossed the Firestone into Silent Pool. The psychic bond between a Vespiform and its Firestone was so strong that the Vespiform flew into the lake after it and drowned, just as his father had drowned in the 1886 monsoons.

As he died though, he had the choice of taking Agatha with him or saving her and he chose to save her for an unknown reason. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp) Though it's possible that dying restored his mind to it's state before he transformed and he set Agatha free to make amends.

References Edit

When Donna started to remember her adventures with the Doctor, one of the many creatures she saw was the Vespiform. She asked her grandfather why she could she see a "giant wasp". (TV: The End of Time)

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