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Dr Arnold T. Blumberg, owner of the firm ATB Publishing, Ltd, is a consultant and frequent contributor on matters of pop-culture, contributing both to books and to fanzines, such as Whotopia. He also teaches courses on comic book and time travel literature at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Blumberg is a former editor of Gemstone Publishing and is currently curator of Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Maryland.

In connection with Telos Publishing, he co-wrote Howe's Transcendental Toybox with David J. Howe, contributed Doctor Who: Series 2 reviews for Second Flight: Back to the Vortex II, and has acted as designer on a number of Telos books including The Target Book.

Short Trips Edit

Blumberg was one of the winners of a writing competition held by Big Finish to find new authors. His winning entry, Stolen Days, was published in the anthology Short Trips: How the Doctor Changed My Life. He subsequently wrote Mardi Gras Massacre for Short Trips: Indefinable Magic.

Before Short Trips, he had written a number of short stories that were unlicenced by the BBC.

Unofficial fiction Edit

For charity anthologies, Blumberg has written Morphic Resonance for The Cat Who Walked Through Time, The Science of Magic, and Vice Versa (aka Attack of the Gluons) for Missing Pieces, Satisfaction Guaranteed for Walking in Eternity, and another story for The Cat Who Walked Through Time II.

For The Doctor Who Project's short fan fiction, he has written the season 32 story The Soul Men, the story idea for the season 33 story Freedom Fighter, a major portion of the season 35 story Doctor Who and the Curse of the Jade Skull and the season 37 story Where Best Friends Are Made.

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