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Arrangements for War was the fifty-seventh monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. Taking place immediately after the first half of Project: Lazarus, Arrangements for War builds the world of Világ and also allows a great reflection and building of Evelyn Smythe's character. The Doctor returns to Világ once more in Thicker Than Water.

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Onboard the TARDIS, nerves are strained.

After escaping the Forge and the murderous clutches of Nimrod, the Doctor and Evelyn have things to talk about. The Doctor's attitude towards death is a subject that these days is too close to Evelyn's heart, and eventually she demands to be set down somewhere where she can be free of him for a while.

And so they come to Világ, where the Doctor's meddling lands him in the middle of a truly dangerous liaison and Evelyn meets a man who wants to change the course of her life forever.

Love is everywhere. But then war is too.

Is it time for Evelyn to leave the Doctor? Or is the choice about to be taken out of her hands?

And who is to say what is the beginning and what is the end of love?

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  • Evelyn had a sister named Mary, who was her mother's favourite. Both of them were dead by the time that she had met the Doctor. In childhood, she was nicknamed "Evey" by her family.
  • Rossiter is a widower and has three elder sisters.

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  • The Doctor cites Alfred Lord Tennyson's "The Palace of Art" and "Tears, Idle Tears".

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Illustrated preview from DWM 343.

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