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An individual was placed under arrest for breaking the law.

Thanks to the intercession of the temporarily miniaturised First Doctor and his companions, police were able to arrest corrupt industrialist Forester for the murder of Arnold Farrow. (TV: Planet of Giants)

On Easter 2009, DI McMillan was on the case for arresting Lady Christina de Souza for robbery. The Tenth Doctor pretended to arrest himself inside a police box for allowing her escape. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

After Torchwood Three's encounter with the Brynblaidd villagers, the villagers were arrested by police. (TV: Countrycide)

Following a fight, Jack Harkness and the newly-undead Owen Harper were arrested. (TV: Dead Man Walking)

In 1927, New York police shot Jack Harkness and arrested Angelo Colasanto. (TV: Immortal Sins)

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