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The art department is responsible for producing the overall look of the physical elements seen in a television show or magazine.

Tony Clark ran the art department of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society in the early-1980s. As such, he provided dozens of black-and-white illustrations for DWAS fanzines such as the official publication TARDIS as well as logos for the DWAS newsletter Celestial Toyroom and Interface, DWASocial, plus DWAS convention booklets. Clark also provided the layout for a number of DWAS yearbooks and published an art department special, the United Galactic Holidays Brochure, and A3-size DWAS season posters for the 18th, 19th, and 20th seasons.

The head of the department on a television series is called the production designer. Edward Thomas was in charge of the BBC Wales art department in the early years of the Doctor Who reboot.

Some of the other jobs within a television art department are costume designer, painter and standby props.

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