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Jones, as he appeared on CON: After Effects

Arwel Wyn Jones (born January 3, 1971) was the supervising art director from The Runaway Bride to Journey's End. Though his earliest stint as supervising art director had been on Attack of the Graske, for much of the first two series of the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who, he was a standby art director.

He was one of the most senior members of the art department after Edward Thomas. He was the first to be advanced to production designer of one of the spin-off shows. He served in this capacity on series 2 and 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Despite his "rank", he returned to the position of standby art director for the filming of Torchwood: Children of Earth.

In 2010, he became the production designer on Steven Moffat's other project, Sherlock, but retained his connection to Doctor Who in a slightly reduced way. In series 5, he has been credited most often as a set decorator.

Jones has been the documentary subject of Doctor Who Confidential, in the episodes which accompanied Gridlock and The Hungry Earth.

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