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Asda was a supermarket on Earth. Hilary Mercer had a book on Asda's best sellers list. (PROSE: The Unhappy Medium) Asda's brand of gin made Iris Wildthyme "natter on". (PROSE: Future Legend) Anji Kapoor once visited an Asda store near Brighton Marina. (PROSE: The Infinity Race)

An Asda was located a two-minute walk away from the bed and breakfast owned by Chloe and Arthur. After escaped from the time loop in which they were repeatedly killed, Chloe thought of perhaps eating her chicken Henrietta, since now she could get eggs from the Asda. (PROSE: The Death of Me) Oliver Day, after leaving a life in the TARDIS, he found life new and exciting again — even just going to Asda for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread. He found it relaxing. (PROSE: Attachments)

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