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Ash-Ama-Teseth was a creature that existed outside of time. It threatened ancient Egypt and was imprisoned with the blood of Erimem's grandfather, who was born outside of time. It was considered a demon or a god by many and a cult developed in it's honor, intent on releasing him from his prison. This cult existed on Earth for three and a half thousand years. In the late 20th century the vice-chancellor of the London University of History and Antiquity found a crashed alien ship in Norway. In 2015 the cult used this ship to bring Erimem to London, where they attempted to use her blood to summon Ash-Ama-Teseth. Erimem threw the dagger used by her grandfather to imprison Ash-Ama-Teseth in the Time Vortex, making it impossible for the cult to release it. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh)

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