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Assassin in the Limelight was the one hundred and eighth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. This story features the return of two previous characters — Robert Knox played by Leslie Phillips from Medicinal Purposes and the Indo from Pier Pressure.

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Ford's Theatre, Washington. Friday, 14th April, 1865. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The place, the date and the event which made history. Or did it? Someone has been tampering with time, muddying the waters of history for his own purposes. Time itself is out of joint and the chief culprit is the enigmatic Doctor Knox. Somehow the Doctor and Evelyn must put history back on track before the future dissolves into chaos. But Knox, it turns out, may be the least of their worries...

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  • Knox poses as the Irish author and playwright Oscar Wilde. The Doctor realises this congruity immediately since, as he tells Evelyn, Wilde was "still in short trousers" in 1865.


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Assassin In The Limelight Preview Comic

Illustration from DWM 395.

  • This is the final appearance of Evelyn Smythe in the main range until the audio story A Death in the Family in October 2010.
  • Given that the majority of the events of the audio story The Haunting of Thomas Brewster take place in November 1867, this is the second consecutive audio drama based predominantly in the 1860s.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 7 and 8 February 2008 at The Moat Studios.

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