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Assault Dalek
Assault Dalek Arm
Biological type: Dalek
Affiliated with: Dalek Empire
Place of origin: Skaro
Appearances: TV: The Parting of the Ways, PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks

Assault Daleks were special Daleks equipped with laser-cutting arms and blowtorch to replace their plunger manipulator arms. They had a claw and blowtorch combination. These were used for cutting through strong metals and for picking up objects normal Daleks couldn't.

During the Second Dalek War, Dalek X had a squad of four Assault Daleks. They were destroyed at the end of the war when the Tenth Doctor blew up a disused refueling station on the planet Hurala, taking Dalek X's Exterminator with it. (PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks)

During the Battle of the Game Station, an Assault Dalek was sent to cut open a Hydra Combination-composed door leading to the observation deck containing Lynda Moss, with a blowtorch. It, along with the rest of the Dalek Fleet, was destroyed by the Bad Wolf. (TV: The Parting of the Ways)

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