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Audience Shares was a reality TV show designed by Beep the Meep.

Format Edit

Audience Shares was hosted by Robbie McHale. The ultimate prize was for the winner to be the star of their own docudrama. The contestants were locked in a studio, where they would do tasks related to presenting. It started with ten contestants and over ten weeks they were whittled down by audience votes to the two final contestants, Lucy and Todd. (AUDIO: The Ratings War)

History Edit

Beep created Audience Shares to appeal to the vast majority of viewers. During the final episode, a subliminal message would be sent out to bring the audience under Beep's control. They would be given commands by Beep and Friends to conquer for Beep.

During the airing of the final episode, the Sixth Doctor confronted Beep and claimed he had disabled the transmitter for the subliminal message. This enraged Beep, so he decided to kill Lucy and Todd on live television out of spite. In fact, the Doctor had disabled Beep's laser pistol; the subliminal message went out when it looked like Beep was murdering the contestants, turning the audience against him. The whole station was disrupted, Beep and Friends was never aired and the plan was ruined. (AUDIO: The Ratings War)