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Auggi D'jo

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Auggi was a Silurian. She was the wife of the Sea Devil Warrior Daurrix.

She had three children with Daurrix: Baal, Tahni and Sula. Because of the predicted a cataclysm that approached Earth, Auggi and Daurrix were not executed for breaking the Silurians' sacred beliefs of eugenics, and their eggs were not crushed. They instead went into hibernation in exile in a shelter led by Daurrix beneath the island of L'Ithe to endure the predicted cataclysm. Daurrix did not survive the hibernation process, and was succeeded by Chukk.

After waking up to an Earth dominated by humans millions of years later, Auggi wanted to forcibly take it back, but Chukk disagreed. When the Third Doctor was taken to the council chamber, Auggi questioned him on humanity's threat. When a C19 agent killed Chukk, Auggi became the new leader. Her new council removed several of Chukk's major supporters, and she had an invasion fleet sent to the Kent coast. UNIT successfully fought back the invading Silurians, and upon seeing the human Liz Shaw working alongside Baal and Sula to cure her children's illness, Auggi believed she was betrayed. She escaped in her battlecruiser and sought revenge. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice)

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