Queen Aysha was the leader of the Cat-People who invaded Earth in search of Euterpian beacons. After the Second Doctor told her that Lotuss had planted a bomb in her shuttle, Aysha tricked Lotuss into going in first. She launched the shuttle and it exploded in space. She then had the Doctor take her to Godwanna's garden in the TARDIS. Once there, two of the surviving Euterpians gave the sphere containing Earth's energy to the Doctor. She forced him to give it to her by taking Polly hostage. Ben knocked it out of her hand with a cricket ball. Defeated, she used Thorsuun's reverse tachyon-chronon unit to return to her ship. Not recognising the energy signature, the Cat-People blasted it. This killed Aysha and caused a backlash that blew up the ship as well. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)